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Case Study of Suhana

Name: - Suhanasuhana

Age: - 9 yrs

Mother’s Name: - Naseema

Father’s Name: - Tassaduk Husain

I live in Israel Camp Rangpuri Pahari. I am from village – Narauli, Mainathor, Muradabad (U.P.). My uncles (chacha, tau) both are staying in village. There are not sufficient crops and field. They were fighting with each other for food expense, so my mother and father decided to come to Delhi for job and left their village. My father sells onion and garlic and earning for family expenses. My mother is a home-maker. We are six brother and sister. I am the third one. After I came from village, I was not going anywhere to study. I was not going to school in village also. I came to Bal Vatika Center with my friends. Many students were learning there so I told my mother about this. After that I got admission. After few months I even got admission in Nagar-Nigam Primary School Rangpuri Phari. Now I study in 4th class. After coming from school, I go to Aarushi Bal Vatika. I have got lot of help for study from Aarushi Bal Vatika. My father and mother are not much educated and they were not in condition to pay tuition fee. So, many children come to Bal Vatika. It is helpful for them also.



Case study of Saniya

Student name: - Saniyasaniya

Mother name: - Mushrat

Father name: - Manjur

Age: - 5 years

Saniya’s mother told we are very poor family. We come from Ward No.3 Mirjapur, Kothi C New Patti Raniganj Arriya Vihar.. There is no home in village as well as no food for eating. I told my husband we have two children and we struggle day and night, but are not able to survive properly. We came to Delhi for our children. My husband does labour work. When we came from our village our daughter was two years old. Both husband and wife were illiterate and never went to the school. We saw all children are going school. but we could not get admission for our children. When my daughter saw teacher then she told me I am also going school. My daughter got admitted in Arushi Bal Vatika and came to study for three years. Then she told me and teacher I want to go to big school. Saniya says she like dressing up in school uniform and she loves studying.



Case Study of Shakshi

Name- Shakshishakshi

Mothers name – Sanjana Devi

Fathers name – Santu kumar

Age-5 years

We live in Israil camp Rangpuri Pahari. We are two sisters. My parents are very poor. My father, used to work as an electrician in village and got very low pay. We don’t even have a house in village. It was very hard to run a family, so my parents used to fight. After some time, my father got us to Israil camp to provide good food and education. Shakshi’s mother told us that her husband asked her to work too as it was very hard to survive. She said, “We didn’t bring anything from village. I was very worried about my children’s education. I asked someone about the school for poor children and then came to know about Aarushi Bal Vatika that they don’t charge anything. I started sending my children there. And this is how my daughter started getting education. Ma’am always called my daughter to the center and now I work also. And my daughter is also getting education. And this is how I get so much of benefit from Aarushi Bal Vatika as my all children are happy and cheerful.”



Case study of Shaban

Name- Shabanshaban

Mothers’ name – Osima

Fathers’ name – Basir

Age-5 yrs

We live in Israel camp Rangpuri Pahari. We belong to very poor family and we don’t even have house in village. Because of my big family I moved to Delhi with the help of someone. When I came here, I was having no place to live and no food to eat. Person who took me here let me stay with him for some time, till the time I got work after some time I started working as my children were young so my wife took care of them I used to work one day someone told me about Aarushi Bal Vatika that they don’t charge anything for the education of child take your children there we will show you that center. One day I met the ma’am there and took all the information about ma’am was very supportive. She always used to take all my children along with her. In this way my children become very much interested to get education and go to school now Shabaan wants to go to big school and likes to play and study. (Narrated by father)



Chand Case Study

Name- Chand

Mothers’ name – Afsana

Fathers’ name – Salama

Age-5 yrs

I live in Shankar camp Rangpuri pahari. I have 2 sisters and 4 brothers. My father is very poor and we don’t even have house in village. None of my siblings went to school due to financial problem. They picked the wood from the jungle. After seeing all these difficulties, my father moved to Delhi with us. (Chand’s mother said because of poverty they couldn’t send any of their children to school). When we came here, we had no shelter so we started living in tents. After sometime, my parents started working here. Someone told my mother about Aarushi Bal Vatika that they teach free of cost. My mother visited there and found everything perfect for us and that we get education here. Now, I am going to get admission in school and my dream is to become a police officer.



Case Study of Nidhya

Name- Nidhyanidhya

Age-5 years

Mothers name – Gulshan

Fathers name – Naadim

My name is Nidhya. We are three sisters and I am the eldest. I am studying in Aarushi Bal Vatika since I was three years old. I wish I would always be a part of this centre. My father left his village after the death of my grandparents and came to Delhi.My father work as a labourer and mother work as a maid they both could not of give time to us so I joined Aarushi Bal Vatika. My dream is to be a teacher as I learn so many things from my teachers here and I love to teach also. So, after my schooling I teach my younger sister. Through EWS, I got admission in Bhatnagar School and I thank Aarushi Bal Vatika for it.



Basid Case Study

Student name: - Basidbasid

Mother name: - Munni

Father name: - Sattar

Age: - 10 Year


I live in Shankar camp Rangpur Pahari. My village name is Horeya near the police station Kursakata district Arriya (Bihar). My family was not able to survive in the village as there was no work because of that we faced lot of difficulties. So, our family moved to Delhi. My mother is a house wife and my father works as a painter. I have an older sister and a younger brother. When my mother came to know about Aarushi Bal Vatika, she enrolled me in the centre. I learnt to read and write and I got admission in Nigam Prathmic Vidhyalaya. I am studying in fifth class. After school, I still go to the centre to study. I love going to the centre but other than that, I love playing with my friends.



Case Study Intaz

Name- Intazintaz

Mothers name – Sulekha

Fathers name – Mukhtar

Age-8 years

My name is Intaz and I with my younger brother study in Aarushi Bal Vatika. I have gone to my village twice and I do not like the environment there. My grandmother and aunt fight with my mother and sometime my father also does the same. Here (in Delhi) my father and mother both are working and bring food and feed us. My father works as a labourer and my mother works as a maid. Because of these problems, I was not able to go to school regularly. We live in a tent. When I was three years old, I used to study in Aarushi Bal Vatika and I wanted to get admission in Nagar Nigam Primary School, Rangpuri Pahari. Due to my family issues, my father brought me to village and my name has been cut from the school. With the help of ma’am, I got admission again, Now I always go to school and study at Aarushi Bal Vatika. I always study and play here and they help me to explore the new things and take us out for excursions. I like Asrushi Bal Vatika a lot.



Aamna Case Studyaamna

Student name: - Aamna

Mother name: - Rihana

Father name: - M.Guljar

Age: - 8 Year

I live in Israil Camp Rangpuri Pahari and study in third class. My village name is Channora police station Amroha Iahsil Dhnoss and district Amroha UP. In my village, I have a very small house. There is no farm field work and there is no work available. Our parents were facing many problems that’s why they had to leave our village and come to Delhi to find a job. My mother is a home maker and my father is a driver. We are seven siblings in our family. I have one brother and five sisters. I came to know about Arushi Bal Vatika centre through my friends. I came to know that the teachers teach the students free of cost. I go to the centre four times a week and I love it. I am very thankful to Arushi Bal Vatika to help children like us. We are connected with Aarushi Bal Vatika for two years.

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